We serve our customers in all aspects of architecture from land-use to detailed small-scale designs.

In architectural design, we specialise in

  • public buildings
  • hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • schools and other learning and working environments
  • large commercial and residential buildings

In land-use planning, we specialise in

  • master plans
  • detailed plans
  • development planning
  • other special land use plans

Interior design is the most recent addition to our portfolio as we follow in the footsteps of the prestigious interior design firm Ervasti.


Best solutions are always team work

It is our firm goal to exceed the functional and technical expectations set for us by our customers and to contribute to a high-quality, sustainable environment for current and future generations.

Our design approach is strongly user-centred. We listen to the needs and ideas of our customers and end-users very carefully. As with all our stakeholders, we want to engage them in the design process from start to finish. We believe the best solutions come from collaboration.


Systematic processes guarantee quality

We use the latest design, visualisation and documentation software. We work in compliance with our strict quality assurance system.

Our basic principles are

  • systematic processes
  • continuous development
  • responsibility